It is said that worms are very good for hamsters. They often eat worms in the wild and you can buy packets of dried worms to give your pet hamster. It is also good to give your hamster a living worm, so they that it can kill its food just like it would in the wild    


Feeding hamsters with living wormsEdit

If you want to give your hamster a living worm, you must make sure that it won't eat any dirt. First of all, you must catch a worm. Make sure you don't accidentally kill it. If you live quite a bit away from where you found the worm, it is strongly suggested to also take some wet soil with you, so that the worm does not die on the way your house.

  Once you get home, you need to thoroughly wash the worm in cold water. Make sure it does not die in this process. Once there is no dirt left on the worm, you may give it to your hamster. If the hamster is asleep, you cannot just leave the worm in it's cage. When the hamster is awake, give it the worm. This will look slightly gorey, so if you cannot stand that kind of stuff, you should look away. Also, remember that you will probably need to clean the cage, because it will smell quite bad and there will be a bit of the worm's blood still left in there.