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SupaHamster is a hamster food product available at pet shops. The brand is called Burgess and their website is Other Burgess products include SupaDog (dog food), SupaCat (cat food), SupaRat (rat food) and more.

Free Samples Edit

You can sometimes recieve SupaHamster Harvest free samples.

Overall product Edit

SupaHamster is like any average hamster food. It is not really in any way different.

SupaHamster (Character) Edit

Burgess created a superhero themed around the hamster food. His name is SupaHamster (like the name of the product). He is described in 1st person at the back of each pack with a picture. It says he can fly by stuffing hot air into his cheeks and he will come to the rescue whenever you leave a trail of SupaHamster harvest.

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